Bag trends at the Paris Fashion Week 2024

Paris Fashion Week is the epitome of haute couture. There is where designers shows their latest creations, setting the tone for the upcoming seasons. Amidst the flurry of fabulous garments and avant-garde designs, bags trends at the Paris Fashion Week floated in different, unexpected directions, making bold statements on the runways. In the Fall 2024 edition, bags stole the show with their innovative designs, luxurious materials, and exquisite craftsmanship.

There were 4 clear bag trends at the Paris Fashion Week dominating the 2024 show:

1. Modern Minimalism: Sleek lines, understated elegance, and timeless silhouettes define the modern minimalist trend seen on the runways of Paris Fashion Week. Designers embraced clean, pared-back designs, focusing on functionality and versatility. The bags under this category exude sophistication in their simplicity, making them perfect companions for the contemporary fashion lover.

2. Bold and Colorful Statements: Paris Fashion Week witnessed an explosion of vibrant hues and bold patterns adorning bags, injecting a dose of energy and personality into the ensembles. From eye-catching neon shades to playful prints, designers showcased their creativity by incorporating bold colors and patterns into their bag collections. These statement bags are sure to turn heads and add a playful twist to any outfit.

3. Luxe Textures and Materials: Luxury took center stage at Paris Fashion Week, with designers showcasing an array of opulent textures and materials in their bag collections. From lush leather to plush velvet and exotic skins, each bag exudes an air of opulence and sophistication. Intricate embellishments and hardware details further elevate the luxurious appeal, making these bags coveted pieces for the fashion elite.

4. Retro Revival: Nostalgia was in the air at Paris Fashion Week, as designers drew inspiration from bygone eras to create bags with a retro flair. Vintage shapes, nostalgic prints, and finally, classic details harked back to the glamour of yesteryears. And adding a touch of nostalgia to the modern runway. These retro-inspired bags offer a ageless appeal, consequently bridging the gap between past and present with effortless elegance.

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The most bizarre bag trends at the Paris Fashion Week:


Paris Fashion Week Chanel


Chanel's Fall 2024 collection unveiled a stunning leather furry bag that captured the essence of luxury and sophistication. Crafted from supple leather and adorned with plush fur accents, this statement piece exuded opulence and extravagance. The juxtaposition of textures added certainly depth and dimension to the design. The iconic double C logo subtly adorned the front. This display shows the brand's ageless elegance. With its roomy interior and versatile shoulder strap, the Chanel leather furry bag smoothly merged form and function. That made it a must-have accessory for the fashion-forward individual seeking to elevate their ensemble with a touch of Parisian chic.


bag trends at the paris fashion week 2024

The Air Swipe bag from Coperni's 2024 collection made a bold statement on the Paris Fashion Week runway with its innovative design and futuristic appeal. This bag is crafted from NASA's nanomaterial silica aerogel, a substance used by the organization to capture stardust. Despite its delicate appearance, this material demonstrates remarkable resilience. It is capable of enduring extreme heat and pressure thousands of times its own weight.

Coperni's Air Swipe bag embodies the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. It merges technology with fashion to create a truly groundbreaking item that captivated audiences at Paris Fashion Week.

 evidence bag coperni

Coperni's 2024 collection introduced also a strikingly innovative take on the traditional evidence bag, merging utility with high-fashion aesthetics. The Coperni evidence bag featured sleek lines and a minimalist shape, crafted from transparent PVC material. However, what set this piece apart was its unexpected twist: a bold neon trim that encased the edges. This injected a pop of vibrant color into the otherwise transparent design. The brand cleverly incorporated their signature futuristic elements. It created a bag that not only served its practical purpose but also made a bold fashion statement. The juxtaposition of transparency and vivid color created an interesting visual contrast, while the bold shape ensured functionality without sacrificing style. Coperni's evidence bag not only exemplified the brand's ethos of pushing boundaries but also forced reimagining conventional designs for the modern, fashion-forward consumer.

Acne Studios

bag trends at the paris fashion week 2024

Acne Studios captivated fashion lovers with their Fall 2024 collection. It featured a standout furry bag adorned with laces and two pockets. This striking accessory combines whimsy with functionality. Its plush fur outer side exudes luxury and warmth, perfect for the colder months. The addition of laces adds a touch of edge and playfulness to the design, creating visual interest and texture. With two big pockets, this bag offers practicality without compromising on style.  It allows the wearer to carry their essentials with ease while making a bold fashion statement. Acne Studios once again demonstrates their mastery in merging avant-garde design with everyday utility. It made this furry bag with laces and two pockets a must-have accessory for the fashion loving individual.


Balmain golden grape

The Golden Grape Bag by Balmain for 2024 exudes whimsical charm with its playful design reminiscent of a shell toy for small kids. Crafted with careful attention to detail, this little masterpiece features a rounded shape adorned with intricate golden grape embellishments, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia. The bag's shiny metallic finish adds a touch of opulence, transforming it into a coveted item for the fashion-forward individual. Much like a shell toy captures a child's imagination with its tactile appeal and vibrant color, the Golden Grape Bag entices fashion lovers with its tactile texture and eye-catching design. Balmain smoothly merges sophistication with a hint of playfulness, creating a statement piece that transcends age and exudes sheer elegance.


bag trends at the paris fashion week 2024

The Loewe white polar bag with leaves decoration introduced at the 2024 Paris Fashion Week presents a captivating juxtaposition between utility and elegance, akin to a versatile beach bag. Its crisp white hue and clear leaf motif evoke images of serenity and natural beauty. And its functionality extends far beyond the runway. Resembling a beach bag in its spacious design and lightweight construction, this Loewe creation offers more than just a fashion statement. It doubles as a practical item for beachgoers, and also can serve as a towel itself. The bag's leaf decoration adds a touch of whimsy reminiscent of a tropical paradise. The decoration makes it the perfect companion for a day by the shore. With its perfect transition from high fashion to beachside necessity, the Loewe white polar bag embodies the epitome of versatility and style.

loewe frotte bag

The Loewe White Asparagus Bag for 2024 captures the essence of elegance and whimsy with its unique design. Inspired by the delicate form of white asparagus, this bag is indeed a great interpretation of natural beauty brought into fashion. The bag features elongated panels that mimic the slender stalks of asparagus. Additionally, its curved shape echoes the gentle curve of the vegetable's tips. The bag's closure, resembling a rope tied around a bunch of asparagus, adds a touch of rustic charm. It serves also as a functional element, securing belongings with style. With its playful nod to nature and impeccable craft, the Loewe White Asparagus Bag is surely to delight fashion lovers seeking a whimsical yet sophisticated item.


Off White basketball bag

The Off-White basketball bag in the metal net unveiled at Paris Fashion Week 2024 exudes a perfect fusion of athleticism and high fashion. Virgil Abloh's innovative design surprisingly marries the utilitarian essence of a basketball bag with the avant-garde aesthetics synonymous with the Off-White brand. Crafted from durable nylon material, the bag features a unique metal net overlay. It is simply a reminiscent of basketball hoops, adding obviously a bold and edgy twist to the item. The juxtaposition of rugged functionality with futuristic design elements creates a statement piece that certainly transcends traditional fashion boundaries. With its large interior and adjustable shoulder strap, the Off-White basketball bag not only caters to the sartorial needs of the urban explorer but also serves as a testament to Abloh's visionary approach to contemporary streetwear.


baguette bag

The "Undercover Baguette" bag unveiled at Paris Fashion Week 2024 has sparked a mix of intrigue and amusement among fashion lovers worldwide. With its uncanny resemblance to a wrapper of a freshly baked baguette, many are left wondering whether this avant-garde item is a playful joke or a genuine fashion statement. Created by the innovative minds at Undercover, known for their unconventional designs, this bag undeniably challenges traditional notions of luxury. It pushes the boundaries of what constitutes high fashion. While some may dismiss it as a playful gimmick, others see it as a bold expression of creativity. Or even a reflection of the brand's free spirit. Whether it's destined to become a cult favorite or a fleeting novelty remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure – the Undercover Baguette bag has certainly captured the attention of fashion lovers everywhere.

Bag trends at the Paris Fashion Week: summary

The bag trends at the Paris Fashion Week showed an array of attractive items for the Fall 2024 season. Items reflecting a diverse range of styles and influences. From modern minimalism to bold and colorful statements, designers presented bags that unquestionably exuded sophistication and creativity. Luxurious textures and materials took center stage, with lush leather, plush velvet, and exotic skins adorning the runway. Retro revival also made a prominent appearance. Vintage shapes and classic details added a touch of nostalgia to the modern collections. Each bag showed at Paris Fashion Week offered not only a unique interpretation of contemporary elegance, but also a mix of innovation with ageless allure. Whether sleek and understated or vibrant and eclectic, these bags are poised to make a lasting impression on the world of fashion.